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Angela Gala, MD, MSC, PHD, CHC

Angela was born in Cuba and settled in Houston, Texas. She earned her Medical Degree at  North-Western State Medical University n.a. I. I. Mechnikov in Russia, and specializes in Holistic Health.  For over 28 years, She worked hard to improve local and international public health. She is an internationally known scientific author, with more than 27 scientific articles during the last seven years. Her research earned her the prize of the Cuban Academy of Sciences in 2013. In 2018, the National Association of County and City Health Officials awarded her the Promising Practice Award. In 2019, she became certified as a Health Coach and is currently on her way to the Total Transformation Mastery Coach. Her passion is helping women with midlife health issues regain their healthy balance, maximize their beauty, and restore their vitality. 

About Us


Health Coaching

Do you dream of living a healthy and fulfilling life? Do you crave a healthy and beautiful body in total balance with your mind and spirit? My health coaching method helps clients like you to balance these three areas of their lives and reach their full potential. 


Life Coaching

Do you feel you need a change in your life? Here we help you to get out of your comfort zone, to rewire your identity, and sharpen your emotional and social skills.


Beauty Coaching

Women's health is important to us, and so is her beauty. If you've already seen the first signs of early aging, or your skin no longer looks so fresh and youthful, our beauty and anti-aging consultation are available for all your beauty needs. Appointments available the same day!

Get to know your health by monitoring your lab tests.

UltaLab Tests

Get to Know Your Health!

You can monitor your wellness and be proactive in the prevention and early detection of disease or adverse conditions. Our lab tests are for your information, not intended to be a substitute for examination or consultation with a physician or other appropriate healthcare provider. 

Access A Doctor When You Need It


MyTelemedicine is a service that everyone can use since everyone needs healthcare, and not everyone wants to visit the Emergency Room, Urgent Care Clinic, or even their PCP.

It’s imperative to understand that MyTelemedicine is not intended to replace primary insurance.

You can benefit significantly from the affordability and convenience of this service.

Additionally, small businesses and restaurants that can’t offer healthcare benefits to their employees due to costs are a great fit because the service is affordable and adds a great value.

Top Ten Reasons to Use MyTelemedicine

  1. Very affordable
  2. Convenient
  3. No Contract for members
  4. 24/7 Access to a Doctor
  5. Nationwide service/also in Puerto Rico
  6. Complete Spanish language experience
  7. Use from phone, tablet, laptop or PC
  8. 24/7 In-house call center with Bi-lingual reps
  9. Easy to use Member Portal
  10. Online Account Management

FullScript-The practitioner supplement store

FullScript Dispensary

 With hundreds of brands available to choose from, Fullscript offers one of the most impressive supplement catalogs in the industry. Our advanced search tools make finding the products you know and trust as easy as can be! 


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